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If your question is not answered here or elsewhere on our website, please feel free to call us, send us a message, or visit our beautiful Corona Del Mar showroom and we will gladly answer all your questions. We look forward to assisting you!

Should I be concerned about moisture with my hardwood floor?

Crowning and cupping are two potential moisture problems you should be aware of. Cupping occurs across the width of the individual pieces of flooring. The edges are high and the center is lower.

Crowning is the opposite of cupping: the center of a board is higher than the edges.

While some expansion is natural and acceptable, excessive moisture can cause crowning and cupping, and must be addressed carefully by a professional, beginning with locating and eliminating all sources of excessive moisture.

Can engineered wood flooring be refinished?

Engineered wood flooring can be refinished at least once, depending upon the veneer’s thickness. Floors with a wear layer less than 2 millimeters thick can tolerate a light scuff-sanding with a buffer. Thicker top layers can be sanded just like solid wood, allowing you to erase deeper scratches and dents.

I have pets - is hardwood flooring a good choice?

Many homeowners who have hardwood flooring in their homes also have pets. But beware, this type of flooring can be scratched by pet claws. It’s always a good idea to keep your pet’s claws trimmed, and always clean up pet “spills” immediately, as they can permanently stain the wood.

When you’re shopping for hardwood flooring, pay attention to the species of the wood, as some species are harder and more durable than others, making them preferred choices for pet owners.

We are happy to recommend the best hardwood flooring to suit your needs and your budget!

How much extra flooring should I order to allow for waste?

We recommend ordering 5% to 10% more hardwood flooring than you think you will need. That way, you will have enough flooring if any boards are damaged during shipping or installation, and for any future repairs you may need.

Will you install my wood flooring?

If you are located in the Orange County or Los Angeles area, we have professional installers whom we trust to install your new hardwood flooring. For our nationwide customers, we are happy to recommend installers from among our network; or, if you prefer, you may choose an installer yourself or with the help of your general contractor.

Do you charge for flooring samples? Warren Christopher does not charge for flooring samples. If you are local, please visit our beautiful Corona Del Mar Showroom to view large samples in person. For our nationwide customers, contact us and we will gladly send you a flooring sample.

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